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Top Ten: Weekend reads: How to invest with the S&P 500 at a record high

Top Ten

Also, the new math on your retirement money and who gets the extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits

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Welcome to the weekend!

The S&P 500

ended the week at a record (after setting its first record close in six months earlier in the week) — a 52% surge from the low of that fast and brutal COVID-19-related mid-March plunge. The Nasdaq Composite

notched its 36th record close of the year on Friday.

So where does the stock market go next? Here’s what you need to read now — on investing, retirement and more.

The stocks that hedge funds love right now

Here’s what the latest filings with the SEC show.

Also:Did Warren Buffett just bet against the U.S. economy?

And:You’re loving high-flying growth stocks now, but your money should be in these companies, this market pro says

Also:10 stocks positioned for an ‘abrupt’ rebound when normalcy finally returns — none of them are tech

A whodunit is rocking the exchange-traded world

When Credit Suisse delisted the VelocityShares Daily 3X Inverse Exchange Traded Note
the price surged from $125 to $25,000 in a matter of days.

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Who’s getting that extra $300 a week in unemployment?

Unlike the now-expired $600-a-week program, it’s not nationwide.

This is how far your retirement money will stretch

You’ll soon be seeing an estimate of how much your 401(k) balance translates into monthly income for the rest of your life. It could be a shock.

Also:The new savings target for a modest retirement: $8 million?

Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction, Colo.


Go west, my man

As part of MarketWatch’s ongoing series on where to retire, we help a “young 68-year-old” who wants to move north or west of Colorado — and pay no taxes on his Social Security checks.

Also:Life will never be the same for people over 60 — even with a COVID-19 vaccine

What the post office controversy means for your next Amazon order

And yes, some people still get DVDs from Netflix

Game on for antitrust actions against Big Tech?

Lawsuits against the online stores of Apple and Alphabet’s Google over alleged punitive business practices could shine a bright light on these and other controversial behavior.

College? Not this semester

Here’s how many college students aren’t enrolling, even for online classes, because of COVID-19.

Also:Wealthier parents are more likely to send their kids back to physical classrooms — here’s why

Oleandrin comes from the oleander plant.

Erika Parfenova/iStock

Four facts to know about oleandrin

Another hydroxychloroquine? This toxic floral extract was touted as a COVID-19 cure to the White House.

Put this on your do-to list now

Get your flu shot ASAP. It’s even more important this year, given COVID-19.

Plan now for how you’ll vote

Whether by mail, an in-person early polling site or on Election Day, here’s what you need to work out now. Don’t be one of the 40% who didn’t bother in 2016.

MarketWatch photo illustration/Getty Images, iStockphoto

Should the U.S. impose a one-time pandemic wealth tax?

Billionaire wealth is surging during COVID-19 while more than 160,000 people have died and tens of millions have lost their jobs. These opinion writers say we face a stark choice.

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