The Importance of Site Assessments for Liability management on Industrial Projects – ELM | BOE Report

The Importance of Site Assessments for Liability management on Industrial Projects – ELM | BOE Report

When embarking on any industrial project, conducting a site assessment for liability is a critical step to success. Site assessments provide a solid foundation for responsible project planning and enhance the overall sustainable success of your projects. Embracing this importance, site assessments foster a safe, compliant, and socially responsible industrial sector.

At ELM, we often conduct Site Specific Liability Assessments (SSLA), on behalf of our clients. This regulatory requirement under Directive 001 of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), which states that “A liability assessment is an assessment conducted by a licensee or approval holder to estimate the costs to suspend, abandon, remediate, and reclaim a site, as well as provide care and custody from shutdown of operations through to site reclamation.” ELM’s site assessment process focuses on risk mitigation, legal & insurance compliance, environmental protection, public safety, and stakeholder engagement. Considering that SSLA are required to be submitted and renewed every 5 years, it is crucial for any company to ensure that their SSLA has been completed competently and comprehensively.

What are the key elements and benefits to conducting site assessments?

Site assessments typically include a comprehensive evaluation of potential risks, such as hazardous substances, environmental impacts, safety hazards, and public health risks. The assessments also involve assessing compliance with regulations and standards and the cost of remediating or reclaiming the site.

These assessments help address potential risks early on, ensuring public safety and minimizing potential harm to nearby communities. By engaging with stakeholders and addressing their concerns during the assessment process, businesses can build trust, foster transparency, and enhance community relations.

ELM helps clients mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder confidence, and ensure compliance. For all your comprehensive closure needs call ELM today at 587-392-4002 or visit us at


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