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Personal Finance Daily: George Floyd’s death spurred promises to support Black-owned businesses. Two years later, was it all talk? And here’s what you can do to help after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting

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George Floyd’s death spurred promises to support Black-owned businesses. Two years later, was it all talk?

‘I would not have gone that fast without him,’ a wine company founder tells MarketWatch. Read More

Sports betting boss charged with bilking customers out of $25 million with bogus gambling tips

Cory Zeidman, a World Series of Poker winner, is accused of taking high fees for insider “sure bet” game tips that were either made up or found on the internet. Read More

‘Downright shameful’: New York AG and CFPB shut down predatory debt-collection operation that generated $93 million

Shutting down the Getzville-based operation is another step by New York Attorney General Letitia James to take down illegal debt collectors. Read More

‘These children are innocent’: Here’s what you can do to help after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting

How and where to donate money, take action, and provide services to those in need. Read More

7 alternatives to the electric Hummer that are way cooler, and mostly cheaper too

Sure, the new electric Hummer is pretty cool—if you can get your hands on one. Used models are trading for over $200,000. Check out these other trucks instead. Read More

Don’t get sucker-punched by capital gains taxes when you sell your home

Longtime homeowners and those whose property value has skyrocketed could be in for a particularly nasty surprise. Here are some ways to reduce the tax bill. Read More

The truth about the 15/3 credit card hack is that it doesn’t help your credit, but here’s what does

The supposedly secret trick does not build your credit scores, despite what you may have heard. But there are some concrete steps you can take. Read More

‘Emotions and money do collide’: My girlfriend doesn’t understand how her student loan works and rents a pricey apartment. What if we marry — and divorce? 

‘I get nervous when I read things like the divorce rate is 50% and rising.’ Read More

Americans’ financial security soared last year. But that may be due to a lucrative, but temporary tax break

The share of Americans who said they were able to cover $400 in emergency expenses, using cash or its equivalents, reached a 9-year-high. Read More

Good news for home buyers? Fannie Mae chief economist says the U.S. housing market has finally turned a corner. Here’s why.

’A sharper downturn in residential investment is now underway,’ said Doug Duncan, chief economist at Fannie Mae. Read More

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