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SpaceX and Budweiser team up in efforts for space beer

(FinancialPress) — Elon Musk‘s SpaceX will send barley seeds to space and back in the name of galactic exploration and beer – and some of the most remarkable branding efforts possible for Anheuser.

The project is born as a research project requested by Budweiser – in pursuit of guaranteeing that the first Mars foragers will be able to crack open a cold one with the boys once they get there.

The launch will happen today from Cape Canaveral’s Air Force station. It was originally slated for Tuesday, but SpaceX opted for a delay to carry out additional checkups.

The launch is part of SpaceX‘s ongoing partnership with NASA, in which they periodically complete unmanned trips to the ISS as a way to send supplies for scientific purposes to the crew that it hosts.

The International Space Station is currently manned by 6 people: 3 NASA astronauts, 2 Russian cosmonauts and an Italian astronaut.

If Budweiser‘s participation feels gimmicky, it‘s with good reason – the funding for the project came out of its marketing budget, as revealed by VP of marketing for the firm – Ricardo Marques. Exact figures were not revealed.

As the company sees it, space travel “is becoming a trending hot topic“, and was clear in that there was clear marketing appeal in it. But he did clarify that it‘s not all for the brand valuation – “there’s a lot of scientific horsepower behind this experiment.”

Mike Roberts – deputy chief scientist at CASIS, which manages the space station‘s U.S. research lab, said in an interview last week that the barley experiment is one in a series of projects that the station has hosted – all of which are aimed towards learning more about crop behavior and how to improve cultivation here on Earth.

“With global warming and other things coming our way, there’s drastic changes for our access to nutrients,” he said.


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