Stock Market Trading 101

  • Swing Trading Newsletters – For traders who would rather follow a strategy that holds stocks generally for from one to four or five days, swing trading is their ideal strategy and type of trading newsletter. Technical analysis becomes far more important with swing trading. This is why it is critical to have a strong newsletter to help select stocks that should have the most optimal price momentum in a several days to a week long period. With swing trading newsletters, the gurus will be far less interested in either the intrinsic value of stocks or their fundamental analysis. Instead, they will concentrate on price trends and historical patterns of the various stocks they investigate and analyze.
  • Option Trading Newsletters – For traders who thrive on the thrills, great leverage, and potential to earn enormous, out-sized returns with options, these newsletters are the best choice. A good options newsletter will have picks that might doubletriple, or even quadruple your money in under a week with options trading strategies. There are fewer of these types of newsletters, and most of them cover both day trading and options together to have a broader newsletter audience appeal.
  • Email Alerts Service – Many stock picking newsletters today offer expanded services that include sending out email alerts when stock recommendations hit optimal entry and/or exit points. Since every trader has email anymore, there are never any issues with those newsletter subscribers not being able to receive this type of alert, which can be a problem with SMS Text-based alerts.
  • Real time Alerts Service – Some of the stock picking newsletters will also offer a real time alerts function. They may feel that timing is so critical with their recommendations that the only way you will know when to trade the pick quickly enough is if they alert you in real time. This can make all the difference between winning big and losing money on a trade. Many real-time alerts will be offered by SMS Text messaging (as well as by email). Most subscribing members find that they receive SMS texts faster and when they are out away from the computer, plus they get an audio alert when the text message comes in so that they do not miss it as they might with an email.


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