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Personal Finance Daily: What you can learn from prisoners of war about coping with COVID-19’s challenges and the job benefit workers need right now

Personal Finance Daily

Tuesday’s top personal finance stories

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Personal Finance
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac will delay controversial refinance fee

The ‘adverse market’ fee is being implemented to cover $6 billion in projected losses caused by COVID-19.

What you can learn from two prisoners of war about coping with the coronavirus pandemic’s challenges

How to build ‘grounded optimism’: Be rooted to the past, connected to the present, and looking to the future, writes Shannon Huffman Polson.

My husband and I are worth $3.7 million, but I’m afraid I’ll spend my way into the poor house if he dies. When I was single, I bounced checks. What can I do?

‘He earns all the money and handles all our finances. I love to spend money and have a head-in-the-sand approach to money problems.’

My wife and her sister are bartering over a vacation home. Does a quitclaim override a will? Is a transfer on death deed better?

‘I don’t want a vacation home that I do not enjoy hanging over my head during my retirement.’

In a Native American community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, COVID-19 has been felt in unexpected ways

Temporary tents will be put up in the parking lot of Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College to accommodate some classes, until cold weather sets in.

‘New York City, dead? Pshaw!’ says this lifelong resident. ‘I, for one, will not forsake my city. We roll up our sleeves and help’

‘The rampant income inequality and gentrification of the past 20 years were bound for a correction of some kind. It wasn’t sustainable,’ Matthew Conlon writes.

Another warning from the 1918 flu for COVID-19: ‘Survival does not mean that individuals fully recovered’

‘We may never know the true mortality consequences of 1918 because of incomplete or inaccurate record keeping, issues that also undermine our ability to quantify the impact of COVID-19.’

COVID-19 and 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ have one depressing thing in common

A new working paper looks at the effects of the 1918 influenza and COVID-19 pandemics on mortality and the economy, plus the role of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

The Big Move: I’m tired of renting in Manhattan, but love living in New York. Is now the time to buy if the city is supposedly dead?

Apartment prices are down in the Big Apple, but does that mean they’ll fall further?

Google searches for ‘panic attack,’ ‘anxiety attack’ hit all-time high during coronavirus pandemic

Queries appeared to surge in response to social distancing orders and early pandemic milestones.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
The job benefit workers really need right now is an equity stake in their company

Businesses that give employees shares are more profitable and their workers are richer, writes Corey Rosen.

Anti-maskers might want to check out what just happened when a woman with coronavirus visited a Starbucks

Do masks really work? Ask the dozens of Starbucks customers who tested positive for COVID-19 in Seoul earlier this month after a woman with coronavirus sat under an air-conditioner in the cafe.

Scrapping payroll tax without replacement would hit Social Security benefits by 2021, actuary says

Repealing the payroll tax without putting in place a new source of funding for Social Security would mean disability payments would end in mid-2021 and payments to the elderly would stop in 2023, according to the program’s chief actuary.

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