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Personal Finance Daily: This state just became the first to give extra $300 federal unemployment payment and Republicans and Democrats are split over whether estate and income taxes are ‘unfair

Personal Finance Daily

Tuesday’s top personal finance stories

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Personal Finance
Another warning from the 1918 flu for COVID-19: ‘Survival does not mean that individuals fully recovered’

‘We may never know the true mortality consequences of 1918 because of incomplete or inaccurate record keeping, issues that also undermine our ability to quantify the impact of COVID-19.’

COVID-19 and 1918 ‘Spanish flu’ have one depressing thing in common: exacerbating social and economic inequality

A new working paper looks at the effects of the 1918 influenza and COVID-19 pandemics on mortality and the economy, plus the role of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Notre Dame and University of North Carolina abandon in-person classes after COVID cases grow — and outbreaks are happening at several other campuses

UNC Chapel Hill said it would move classes online after multiple clusters of coronavirus cases. Colleges across the country that have brought students back to campus are reporting dozens of positive cases of COVID-19.

This state just became the first to give extra $300 federal unemployment payment ordered by Trump in Round 2 of stimulus

Nearly 250,000 people have already collected an additional $300 weekly unemployment benefit reallocated from FEMA disaster fund.

4 facts about oleandrin, an unproven coronavirus treatment reportedly pitched to Trump

Ben Carson and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell pushed the toxic floral extract as a COVID-19 ‘cure’ to the White House: report

Republicans and Democrats are split over whether estate and income taxes are ‘unfair’

‘Fairness truly is in the eye of the beholder,’ according to a new study.

Not all COVID small-business stories end badly — sales sprouted at this very vertical Chicago mushroom grower

Business has bloomed beyond the typical restaurant buyers for Guy Furman, who runs the once almost exclusively wholesale Windy City Mushroom in Chicago. The mushroom “factory’s” survival — expansion, even — was the result of evolving consumer palates, home delivery and a push to buy local during food shortages.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Could a watered-down Democratic convention in Milwaukee still put Biden over the top in Wisconsin?

In the past 20 years, Democrats and Republicans often have held their trademark events in battleground states, but their presidential candidates’ ensuing performance in those states has been mixed.

Postal Service head suspends changes until after November election

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said Tuesday the mail service was ready to handle all of the mail-in ballots it receives this November.

U.S. private equity giant banishes staff from the office for 14 days if they use buses or trains, over coronavirus fears

Offices around the world have been largely empty throughout the coronavirus outbreak, and many firms are looking at ways to permanently keep staff working remotely to some extent

S&P 500, Nasdaq score record closes, as stock reclaim perch at all-time highs

Major U.S. stock indexes finished Tuesday mostly in record territory, despite ongoing wrangling in Congress over a further coronavirus aid and concerns about how the economy will fare when an unprecedented raft of fiscal stimulus eventually burns off.

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