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Personal Finance Daily: Going to the gym, salon or a political rally? You may be asked to sign a coronavirus liability waiver, and 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic: 5 critical mistakes that created the biggest public-health crisis in a generation

Personal Finance Daily

Thursday’s top personal finance stories

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Personal Finance
100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic: 5 critical mistakes that created the biggest public-health crisis in a generation

Don’t wear a mask! Everyone should wear masks!

Asking a financial adviser these questions can help put your money in the right hands

Plus, questions advisers should ask about you before you fork over a dime.

Americans have increasingly embraced Black Lives Matter. Will employers let them do so at work?

A Taco Bell employee said he was fired after wearing a Black Lives Matter face mask. Starbucks recently reversed its ban on Black Lives Matter apparel.

Going to the gym, salon or a political rally? Be warned: You may be asked to sign a coronavirus liability waiver

A good COVID-19 liability waiver should be clear, understandable and specific, experts say.

Suze Orman: ‘You have to be crazy’ to put your money in this investment

The personal-finance celeb offered up some advice on what investors should be doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mortgage rates drop to another record low — here’s why Americans may not want to wait too much longer before locking rates in

Low mortgage rates are stoking the housing market’s recovery from the coronavirus, but there may be limits to how much of a boost they will give.

Netflix CEO’s $120 million donation to historically black colleges highlights inequities in college funding

Historically black colleges haven’t had access to the same resources as predominantly white schools.

Just 3 in 10 people working outside the home get hazard pay, despite ‘pervasive fear’ of bringing coronavirus home

This fear exists ‘especially among vulnerable workers with the least bargaining power, such as Black and Hispanic workers and low- and middle-income workers.’

George Floyd’s daughter is Disney’s latest shareholder — another child shareholder says the stock helped change her life

Disney has been the top seller on since the stock-gifting platform was founded in 2002.

Here’s what Americans splurged on during the 100 days of the coronavirus pandemic

‘With the increased financial pressure and job insecurity, many consumers will redistribute their spending.’

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A Taco Bell employee was fired for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask — now some people are boycotting

Yum! Brands has apologized and Starbucks recently reversed its ban on Black Lives Matter apparel.

At an impasse with Apple, U.K. government ditches its contact-tracing app — now it’s forced to use a rival app made by … Apple

The model offered by Apple and Google is designed to protect user privacy, storing data gathered on an individual’s phone.

Trump calls Supreme Court decisions ‘shotgun blasts’ in Republicans’ faces as he’s dealt DACA defeat

President Donald Trump blasted the Supreme Court on Thursday as justices ruled against his effort to rescind legal protections for young immigrants.

No concerts or sporting events for at least a year? Experts weigh in on how long a return to normal might take

For many, normal still feels a long way away. That’s understandable, considering a number of U.S. states, including Texas, Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma, are reporting growing infections.

Fed’s Bullard says economy not out of the woods

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on Thursday said the U.S. economy is not out of the woods despite some better-than-expected reports for retail sales and payrolls.

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