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Budapest-based SEON, — an anti-fraud platform which looks at a customer’s ‘digital footprint’ to weed out false accounts and thus prevent fraudulent transactions — ...

ovni-capital-is-a-new-french-vc-firm-backing-startups-with-global-ambitions ovni-capital-is-a-new-french-vc-firm-backing-startups-with-global-ambitions


If you’re a French entrepreneur, there’s a new venture capital firm in town. Ovni Capital is announcing a first closing of €50 million ($54...

this-will-be-important-for-bitcoin-and-crypto-this-week this-will-be-important-for-bitcoin-and-crypto-this-week


The Bitcoin price continues to be strongly influenced by macroeconomic conditions in the US. After BTC reached a new 5-month high of $24,241 last...

ftx-to-us-politicians:-give-us-back-the-money,-or-else…-| ftx-to-us-politicians:-give-us-back-the-money,-or-else…-|


FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried once gave out lots of money to people that many wondered where it all came from. These people included powerful...



If you follow Southeast Asia funding, you’re probably familiar with iSeed SEA. Some of the startups the fund has invested in since it launched...

see-what’s-inside-the-$60,000-grammy-gift-bags-that-beyonce,-taylor-swift-can-take-home see-what’s-inside-the-$60,000-grammy-gift-bags-that-beyonce,-taylor-swift-can-take-home

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Talk about swagger. It’s been a long-standing tradition for the nominated artists of awards shows like the Grammys to be treated to gifting suites...

here's-how-—-and-where-—-netflix-has-started-cracking-down-on-password-sharing here's-how-—-and-where-—-netflix-has-started-cracking-down-on-password-sharing

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Coming soon: Netflix and chill-on-sharing-your-password.Netflix NFLX, -0.27% once pivoted from being a DVD delivery company to becoming a video streaming giant. And more changes...

here’s-what-time-the-state-of-the-union-address-starts,-and-why-you-should-tune-in here’s-what-time-the-state-of-the-union-address-starts,-and-why-you-should-tune-in

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Talk about must-see TV.President Joe Biden marks the middle of his first term on Tuesday with his second State of the Union address —...

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