NFL Fans think they caught Steelers coach Matt Canda having a burner account

NFL Fans think they caught Steelers coach Matt Canda having a burner account

Does Steelers coach Matt Canada have a burner? Fans think they got his secret social media

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada is the latest in pro sports to be accused of having a burner account on social media, with NFL fans participating in the “investigation”

NFL fans believe they found Matt Canada's burner account

NFL fans believe they found Matt Canada’s burner account

NFL fans who have turned into amateur social media investigators believe they may have uncovered the alleged secret burner account of Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

A “burner account” is a social media profile created anonymously by individuals who want to keep their online activities and opinions separate from their real identity. The concept gained attention after NBA star Kevin Durant confessed to using one.

Recently, there have been rumors that Canada may have created a burner account with the username “DannyFootball77.” Speculations suggest that the account was used to post comments on Steelers-related social media pages, possibly to deflect or reduce criticism directed towards him.

A social media user intrigued by the theory surrounding the Matt Canada burner account shared some compelling evidence. The individual who was exploring the idea provided persuasive evidence to support it.

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They detailed that they had gone through the ‘forgot password’ process for the account and discovered the email address associated with it to be the offensive coordinator’s first and last name, “” This revelation raises significant questions about its potential link to Canada and the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. NFL personnel departments and coaching staff are known to have email addresses that end in The alleged email wouldn’t fit that criteria.

Canada’s position as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator could be in jeopardy, particularly during the bye week. This period is often suitable for teams to evaluate their performance and make necessary adjustments, including potential coaching changes. Head coach Mike Tomlin’s recent comments suggest that changes might be on the horizon, especially in terms of the offensive side of the team. The bye week could be a pivotal moment for assessing and addressing any issues within the coaching staff.

“Not good enough,” Tomlin described the offensive playcalling. “Whenever we don’t play well, forget wining or losing, you start there. Particularly in the early portions of the season. Forget whether or not you’re playing poorly or you’re losing. There’s a get-better component to this process. Particularly in the early portions of the year with coach decision-making. How you structure preparation.”

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8) is tended to by the Steeler medical staff after injuring his knee against the Texans

Tomlin discussed the importance of time allocation, preparation, and coaching strategy in response to the Hoston Texans game result. He emphasized the need to focus on these aspects in coaching and decision-making.

Pittsburgh lost 30-6 against the Texans, following the same pattern as their previous games this season. Their lack of offensive consistency can be seen from their first game against the San Francisco 49ers to their first win against Cleveland during Week 2’s Monday Night Football and even their relative victory against the Raiders in Week 3.

So far this season, with a record of 2-2, the Steelers have started 12 drives in the first quarter of their first four games. These drives have only resulted in one touchdown, four first downs, four turnovers, and three punts. If excluding a 72-yard touchdown pass to Calvin Austin against Las Vegas, the other 38 plays on those first-quarter drives have only produced 49 yards, an average of 1.3 yards per play.


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