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NewsWatch: Peloton produces profit for the first time amid pandemic demand spike, stock pushes back toward record



Connected fitness-equipment company roughly doubled its revenue and subscriber total in just-completed fiscal year, and predicts it will happen again See full story.

The pandemic is about to enter its most treacherous phase

The assumption that we’re past the worst of the pandemic could be dangerously wrong. In fact, the more dangerous phase of the crisis may actually be coming this fall. See full story.

‘I didn’t lie’ — Trump spars with reporters over playing down the coronavirus

Trump’s remarks come 54 days before the Nov. 3 election, and as Democratic challenger Joe Biden has an edge in polls focused on top swing states that are likely to decide the White House race. See full story.

When my dad died I inherited my uncle’s IRA. How do I figure out the RMD?

This is what happens when you inherit someone else’s inheritance See full story.

Citigroup’s stock underperformed by a wide margin during CEO Corbat’s reign

The only way to rate a CEO’s tenure that really matters for investors is to see how the company’s stock performed relative to its peers and the broader market. In that case, investors may be happy to see Citigroup Inc.’s Michael Corbat retire. See full story.


Consider language, cost of living and bureaucracy See full story.

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