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NewsWatch: Here’s why U.S. struggles with the coronavirus could lead to Europe’s stock market taking the lead



A growing number of prominent Wall Street institutions are making the prediction that 2020 will be the year for Europe’s stock market to outshine its U.S. counterpart as the coronavirus takes diverging tracks in the two economic powerhouses. See full story.

Ex-Obama economic adviser offers this fiscal stimulus plan that’s ‘incredibly high bang for the buck’

Jason Furman, a Harvard economics professor and former economic adviser to President Barack Obama, has a very simple plan to both stimulate the economy and slow the spread of coronavirus. See full story.

An instant chat app promising criminals ‘worry free secure communication’ was hacked by police — here’s how 746 gangsters were arrested.

Police hacked into a WhatsApp-style chat for gangsters and spied on drug dealers, weapons traffickers, and crime lords plotting to execute rivals. See full story.

Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran and 1,500 leading U.K. musicians urge the government: ‘Let the music play’

Ed Sheehan, Sir Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton are among 1,500 U.K. musicians urging the government to support the live music industry. See full story.

The coronavirus crisis is costing states and locals hundreds of billions, analysis finds

The economic pain facing state and local governments resulting from the coronavirus pandemic is disconnected from the improving outlook on the national front. A new analysis from a Cleveland Federal Reserve researcher quantifies that hit. See full story.


Also, the extra $600 a week, retirement destinations and how to invest for the long term. See full story.

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