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NewsWatch: Drug companies to issue joint pledge on safety, standards to bolster confidence in COVID-19 vaccine



Several drugmakers developing COVID-19 vaccines plan to issue a public pledge not to seek government approval until the shots have proven to be safe and effective, an unusual joint move among rivals that comes as they work to address concerns over a rush to mass vaccination. See full story.

Here’s why the Dow plunged last week and what’s ahead for the stock market

A bout of volatility returned to financial markets with a vengeance last week, disrupting a nearly uninterrupted climb to records for U.S. stock indexes and raising questions about the path for Wall Street headed into a hornet’s nest of challenges for investors. See full story.

Today’s older workers may see the first cuts to Social Security benefits

The Congressional Budget Office released an updated budget outlook, including the pandemic’s impact on the economy. See full story.

Another coronavirus aid package is probably ‘not happening’ after August jobs report and deal to avoid government shutdown, analyst says

Friday’s jobs report makes it more likely that Washington won’t deliver another big coronavirus aid package, according to some analysts. An agreement to avoid a federal government shutdown also may hurt the chances for a deal on aid. See full story.

Gaps in the CDC’s eviction ban could leave some renters homeless, housing advocates say

Ambiguity in the wording of the national eviction moratorium means that some Americans could still lose their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic. See full story.


Also, the CDC’s eviction moratorium, retirement planning and voting by mail. See full story.

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