More Than Just Algorithms

More Than Just Algorithms

By Peter Norvig, Alfred Spector, Chris Wiggins, Jeannette M. Wing, Ben Fried, Michael Tingley
Communications of the ACM, August 2023, Vol. 66 No. 8, Pages 53-61

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Dramatic advances in the ability to gather, store, and process data have led to the rapid growth of data science and its mushrooming impact on nearly all aspects of the economy and society. Data science has also had a huge effect on academic disciplines with new research agendas, new degrees, and organizational entities.

Recognizing the complexity and impact of the field, Alfred Spector, Peter Norvig, Chris Wiggins, and Jeannette Wing have completed a new textbook on data science, Data Science in Context: Foundations, Challenges, Opportunities, published in October 2022.6 With deep and diverse experience in both research and practice, across academia, government, and industry, the authors present a holistic view of what is needed to apply data science well.

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