Marathon Petroleum Corp Sees Three-Month Gain Despite Recent Daily Downturn By

Marathon Petroleum Corp Sees Three-Month Gain Despite Recent Daily Downturn By - Financial Markets Worldwide

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Published Sep 29, 2023 16:50

Marathon Petroleum Corp Sees Three-Month Gain Despite Recent Daily Downturn © Reuters.

Marathon Petroleum Corp (NYSE:), a leading player in the oil refining industry, has witnessed a significant three-month gain of 30.09%, despite a daily loss of -2.26% on Friday. According to InvestingPro data, the company’s earnings per share (EPS) stands at 27.99, reflecting its robust financial performance. This aligns with one of the InvestingPro Tips, which notes the company’s consistent increase in earnings per share.

Operating 13 refineries with a combined capacity of 2.9 million barrels per day, Marathon Petroleum Corp holds a substantial market cap of $60.51 billion, as indicated by InvestingPro’s real-time metrics. This prominent position in the market is further solidified by the company’s recent performance, including high returns over the last three months and a year, as highlighted by InvestingPro Tips.

The company’s valuation has been examined using the GF Value measure, an analytical tool that incorporates historical trading multiples, past returns and growth, as well as future business performance estimates. This assessment aims to evaluate potential overvaluation and provide a comprehensive understanding of the company’s current market standing.

Marathon Petroleum Corp’s P/E ratio, as provided by InvestingPro, is at a low 5.38, suggesting that the company could be undervalued given its financial performance. This is further supported by the InvestingPro Fair Value estimate of $180.79, indicating potential room for growth.

Despite the recent daily downturn, Marathon Petroleum Corp’s strong three-month performance and substantial market cap highlight its resilience and potential in the face of market fluctuations. Notably, the company has maintained dividend payments for 13 consecutive years according to InvestingPro Tips, underlining its commitment to shareholder value. This, together with the company’s aggressive share buyback strategy, further establishes Marathon Petroleum Corp as a prominent player in the Oil, Gas and consumable Fuels industry.

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