Jaishankar’s Shocking Revelation: Embassy Violence and Smoke Bomb Attacks in Canada Spark Global Concern

India-Canada Row: S Jaishankar Slams Canada’s Actions and Calls for End to Normalization

In a strong response to Canada, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has criticized the country’s actions and emphasized that they should not be normalized. Jaishankar questioned the global acceptance of Canada’s behavior, highlighting the combination of organized crime, people smuggling, separatism, and violence from Indian separatists within Canada.

The Indian Foreign Minister further expressed concerns about the ongoing violence and fear in Canada. He cited incidents of smoke bombs being thrown at the Indian mission, violence in front of the Indian Consulate, targeted attacks on Indian nationals, and intimidation. Jaishankar called on readers to consider whether such actions should be considered normal. He asked the world to reflect on how it would respond if similar incidents occurred in any other country.

Regarding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations, Jaishankar criticized the manner in which they were made both privately and publicly. He called for Canada to take control of Khalistani separatist groups within its borders. Notably, Trudeau failed to present any evidence to support his allegations despite making repeated claims.

Furthermore, Jaishankar highlighted that India’s response to Canada’s accusations was strong and that questions were being raised about Trudeau within Canada itself. Even opposition leaders urged Trudeau to provide evidence to support his claims. Interestingly, Trudeau has recently expressed the desire to strengthen friendship with India and referred to India as a superpower.

The India-Canada row has attracted significant attention, with both nations taking tough stances. As the situation evolves, it remains to be seen how the relationship between the two countries will develop.

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