Insignia Energy Ltd. (“Insignia”) upholds “Safety First” as its core value | BOE Report

Insignia Energy Ltd. (“Insignia”) upholds “Safety First” as its core value | BOE Report

Safety is a core value of Insignia Energy Ltd. and ensuring the health and safety of our staff, contractors, and partners has never been more important. Held annually, Insignia’s safety day 2023 has taken place on Oct 4, bringing all staff together to have conversations around safety. To gain insight into safety practices adopted this year and the ongoing adjustments in operations to ensure reliability for business partners, Insignia Executive Director, CFO Ben Leung, HSE&R Manager Shirley Pohl and Senior Production and Facility Engineer Steve Glavac visited the field on safety day. This is an annual event supported by Board of Directors – Jeremy Song to promote safety awareness among its employees and contactors. The event provides an opportunity for the participants to learn about the safety hazards in their work and share ideas with each other.

For Insignia, their safety day is not an isolated event – it is a significant milestone in their journey to build a strong safety culture in pursuit of Goal Zero, an initiative which allows Insignia to purse no harm to people and is a deeply held value by Insignia which allows them to preserve and nurture their values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people. Mr. Leung said, “When top management supports clear priorities such as Safety First, employees and contractor partners make better decisions. We aim to continue to learn from safety incidents and shares information material across Insignia to raise awareness and encourage reflection and learning. As of Oct 4, 2023, YTD, Insignia has logged zero days without recordable incidents.”

Tokens of appreciation were awarded to relevant stakeholders at the event. Honorable Brian Jean, Alberta Minister of Energy and Minerals delivered remarks to Insignia’s team in recognition of Insignia’s safety culture.  According to Mr. Leung, “more business successes are to be celebrated as we will continue to uphold the highest safety standards and strong commitment across operations and frontline in providing a safe environment to our employees.”


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