Getting to Know Ripster47: The Mind Behind the EMA Cloud System and Ripster Education

FinTwit has thousands, maybe millions of Traders trying to teach what they know but few have risen as quickly and are as influential as @Ripster47. From his early days of navigating the volatile waters of the stock market to becoming a beacon of knowledge for thousands, Ripster’s journey is nothing short of exhilarating.

Like many of us, Ripster’s foray into trading wasn’t a straight path. Like many, he tried to learn by hopping from one chat room to another, learning everything he could from various gurus and other successful traders. However, he soon realized that true success would only come from his own conviction. He had to find what worked for him, His guiding principle? “Believe YOU are unparalleled”. This realization led him to develop his system, The EMA Cloud System which he invented and diligently journaled on Twitter. His transparent approach of sharing before-and-after trades using his system quickly gained traction.

He wrote down everything, from every mistake and loss to the emotions that accompany them. He still screenshots and logs everything using his renowned Discord journal method. Early in his trading journey, he even created an “Emotions Tracker Excel” and an emotional log that has been widely appreciated by his followers. Ripster delves deep into the psychology and emotions behind trading, teaching many to believe in themselves.

The Ripster EMA Cloud System, a product of his experiences and insights, is already being remarkably adopted by thousands of traders worldwide led to and then a collaboration with to foster a private, education-focused trading community.

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Changing gears a little, early in his work life, trading wasn’t even on Ripster’s radar. With a background in mechanical engineering and a successful stint at Fortune 500 companies, he was well-settled in his career. However, the allure of the stock market, much like for many of us, was irresistible. Despite initial setbacks, his “don’t take no for an answer” spirit and focus on the process over profits turned his fortunes around.

For Ripster, handling the stress and emotional ups and downs that come with trading is a systematic process
Throughout his journey, Ripster has always been honest and straightforward, values that have undoubtedly contributed to his success and reputation in the trading community. His commitment to the trading community is evident. Since 2018, he’s been sharing trade recaps, creating educational YouTube videos, and even hosting competitions, often funding them from his pocket.

While Ripster no longer chases financial dreams, having experienced the highs and lows of the market, he cherishes the daily challenges and the thrill of finding winning trades. The most rewarding part? Constant learning and the joy of sharing knowledge with his community.

Outside the hustle and bustle of trading, Ripster is a family man with three kids and has been a Texan for over 15 years. He’s also a poet at heart and was the cultural captain during his college days, an avid gamer and movie enthusiast. He’s also a fantasy football champ and enjoys playing volleyball whenever he’s in Texas. But his day starts much before all of that before the market even opens with a rigorous routine that includes news reviews, market analyses, and meticulous planning for every stock.

While trading remains his passion, Ripster envisions a future with more real estate ventures and passive investments. He dreams of building online brands for trading education and traveling the world with his family.

Finally, we wanted to find out what Ripster thinks about the current state of the market’s in general. Here’s what he told us: “We are in uncharted territory, with Rates high, inflation high, War in world, Politically US at lows with leadership weakness, Bond getting crushed, yields all-time high…but market still hanging around, although I believe once the fed pauses we will rally like nothing else.”

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