Clean Cannabis: A Matter of Life and Death

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(FinancialPress) — Marijuana is, quite rightly, finally being widely recognized as a safe and medically beneficial substance. But even with cannabis, tragedy can strike. Not because of marijuana itself, due to contamination from deadly fungi and bacteria. Such was the cause of a California man’s death, according to the doctors that fought, but ultimately failed to save him.

An investigation into the man’s death in February 2017 was prompted after the medical facility where he was treated noticed multiple patients with a rare fungus. Although the victim was immune-compromised and battling cancer, his cancer was considered to be beatable. That is, until he began to take cannabis as a means of mitigating the pernicious effects of chemotherapy. The cannabis itself wasn’t the culprit here, the culprit was rather contamination, contamination that could have been avoided had the cannabis been tested by an accredited testing facility.

Just like food or any other product you ingest, cannabis is susceptible to contaminants. Cannabis testing involves not just testing for potency, but for microbial contamination including mold and bacteria. Specifically, this includes testing to enumerate the amount of contamination using Total Yeast and Mold as well as Total Aerobic Count methods, as well as testing that shows specific pathogens like E. coliare absent from the product. The need for cannabis testing companies, spurred on by increasing number of states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis, was further underscored in the wake of the aforementioned tragedy and others like it, tragedies that cannabis testing companies like Oregon-based industry leader EVIO, Inc., (EVIO) are dedicated to preventing.

“Cannabis is legal in some capacity in over half the states and will inevitably become legal across the nation,” commented William Waldrop, CEO of EVIO, Inc. “This on balance of course is a good thing, allowing Americans to exercise their rights to use cannabis, a right so long denied despite the fact that cannabis provides a myriad of legitimate medical uses. But just like any other product, cannabis must be tested and deemed safe for consumption. Avoidable tragedies, however rare, must become a thing of the past. One person getting sick or dying from tainted cannabis is one too many. Our mission at EVIO is to make legal cannabis free of pesticides and contaminants of all kinds, and safe for consumers.”

Most states that have legalized cannabis agree with Mr. Waldrop, a fact strongly attested to by EVIO’s rapidly growing footprint in the cannabis testing market, a fast growing market segment of the overall cannabis market, which has become the fastest growing market in the world. But not at all states have the same testing requirements. For instance, some states impose regulations placing limitations on the amount of yeast and mold, while some states are more lenient. For instance, Colorado’s mandatory testing requirements for commercial cannabis cannot contain more than 10,000 mold colonies per gram. Vermont, however, enforces no such laboratory restrictions. Even cannabis-test friendly California, where EVIO and other cannabis testing companies seek to capture the single largest legal marijuana market on Earth, was home to 20 dispensaries that sold, wittingly or unwittingly, contaminated cannabis.

These state-by-state inconsistencies represent further evidence in the growing argument for mandatory cannabis testing with universal requirements in the states where cannabis is now legal as well as states looking towards future legalization.

Cannabis testing companies like Mr. Waldrop’s EVIO, will be play a critical role in ensuring the safety of the nation’s legal cannabis supply, continuing to not only support current and future mandatory testing, but also by developing new, better testing methods.

Marijuana is finally becoming widely understood as not only a safe substance, but one that provides countless sufferers of major illnesses with the pain relief they deserve. As cannabis legalization becomes the norm, mandatory testing to ensure the safe consumption of this product will be of the utmost importance. It will be up to companies like EVIO to provide us with safe cannabis and, in doing so, prevent tragedy from striking again.

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