Canadian citizen abused PM Justin Trudeau, said- 'I will not shake hands with you...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Confronted by Citizen in Viral Video

Recently, a video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone viral on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). The video captures a Canadian citizen confronting Trudeau during a public event. In the video, Trudeau can be seen waving to the crowd and interacting with children. However, as he approaches a group of people, a man’s voice is heard saying, “I will not shake hands with you, you have given our money to Ukraine.”

The man in the crowd refers to Trudeau as a “bucket,” a term used to describe homeless ruffians in Canada, and accuses him of ruining the country. The confrontation stems from the ongoing national housing crisis and the implementation of carbon tax.

The citizen points out that many Canadians are struggling to afford homes and questions Trudeau on whether anyone can buy a house. He also criticizes the government’s collection of carbon tax, citing the emission of large amounts of carbon from Trudeau’s own convoy and questioning what they are being charged for.

Trudeau tries to justify the carbon tax by explaining that it is aimed at taxing pollution and redistributing the money to families. However, the man interrupts and accuses Trudeau’s government of allocating funds to Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February 2022 instead of addressing the issues at home. He argues that the money should be used to help Canadians in need and calls out the Prime Minister for supporting a country that is currently in conflict.

Trudeau responds by expressing concern that the citizen is influenced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The video of this heated exchange has been viewed 750,000 times, garnering significant attention and criticism of the Prime Minister on social media.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges facing Canadian citizens, including the national housing crisis and the allocation of government funds. It also sheds light on the controversy surrounding the implementation of carbon tax. As the video continues to circulate, Canadians are expressing their opinions and concerns regarding these issues.