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Amazon to Australian retailers: get ready for orders to start on Thursday

(FinancialPress) — Sources indicate that global retail juggernaut, Inc (AMZN.O) has informed its Australian sellers to prepare for orders to start coming in on Nov. 23, as reported by a registered retailer. This marks the first reveal of when the company aims to start business in the region.

Amazon has long done business with local retailers – but until now they limited themselves to shipping their goods offshore as the company didn‘t have a warehouse in the region. This led to long delivery times and expensive shipping costs for australians

The U.S.-based company has a distribution warehouse already set up in Melbourne city. The east-coast location gives the company quick access to 80% of the 24 million australian population, thus reducing shipping costs and delivery times to a standard of one or two days.

Adam Mills, founder of KoalaSafe Inc – a child internet monitor provider – said in a call with Reuters on Tuesday that “There’s a trial starting tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., and (Amazon) is saying that you need to be prepared to receive orders from that point on.“

An Amazon Australia rep declined a request for comment on the situation.

Amazon first confirmed its Australia plans back in April, but was adamant to give a specific launch date since then. On Nov. 13, the company said that it cas “close“ to opening for business – again without disclosing a specific date.

On Wednesday, however, tech news outlet Lifehacker Australia published a screenshot of an email in which Amazon told Australian retailers that it would  “start an internal testing phase with a small number of customers on Thursday 23 November”.

“You should be prepared to receive orders from this point onward,” added the email. KoalaSafe‘s Mills confirmed the veracity of the email, which he himself received.

Mills added: “We already use Amazon around the world so it’s just the same as setting up in any other marketplace. But we’re very excited to see how many sales come through.”

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