Trump Today: Trump calls now a ‘great time’ to have a strong U.S. dollar

Trump Today

President tells Fox Business he’s disappointed with China

President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump says now is a “great time” to have a strong U.S. dollar, in a notable departure from the criticism he has made in the past.

“You know, we’re paying zero interest, right,” Trump told Fox Business Network. “That’s never happened either. We’re paying so low. Everybody wants to be in the dollar because we kept it strong. I kept it strong,” said Trump, who has formerly criticized a strong dollar.

The dollar is up about 4% for the year to date.

The interview on “Mornings with Maria” was recorded at the White House on Wednesday and aired Thursday morning.

Trump also said he’s disappointed in China over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, echoing comments he’s made previously about Beijing’s response.

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