The Margin: As troubling images of party scenes spread across the internet, health-care leaders jump on #StayAtHome trend

Revelers in downtown Nashville over the weekend became a symbol of exactly what we’re NOT supposed to be doing during this pandemic. Hours before the city’s mayor closed bars throughout the county, tweets of Broadway’s legendary party scene were shared across social media.

This tweet pretty much summed it up:

It wasn’t just Nashville either. Images and videos splashed across the internet captured large groups of people ignoring calls for social distancing.

Like this one from Disney

DIS, -6.15%


The #StayAtHome hashtag emerged as backlash, with Arnold Schwarzenegger chiming in:

On Sunday night, a group of health-care leaders, led by former acting administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Andy Slavit and former Senate majority leader Dr. Bill Frist, joined the chorus with a letter urging everybody to cooperate.

“STAY AT HOME as much as possible,” they wrote. “It may be in your community now or it may be soon. Until you hear otherwise from health care officials, even if you have no symptoms. That means avoiding play dates, sleepovers, bars, restaurants, parties or houses of worship. Avoid all crowds.”

What are the alternatives? Take long walks outside, only shop for absolute essentials and enjoy your online community of friends. Just don’t go out and put yourself and others at risk.

In other words, ignore Devin Nunes, who said over the weekend that its “a great time” to go out.

“If you’re going to spread anything, spread help, compassion and humor,” the group wrote on USA Today. Above all, do not panic. Remember: Like all outbreaks, this too will eventually end.”

Unfortunately, there’s clearly panic in the stock market, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, -7.63%

down more than 1,600 points in early trading on Monday.

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