The Margin: Ocasio-Cortez fires back at the New York Post after the paper dragged her for wearing a $232 dress on ‘The View’

The New York Post completely owned the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat this weekend, as BuzzFeed’s Tom Gara pointed out:

In total, the Post posted 12 separate stories on the New York congresswoman on Saturday alone, according to BuzzFeed.

But it was this one that caught Ocasio-Cortez’s attention:

Flamed for wearing this $580 dress, marked down to $232?

The Post caught plenty of flak for the tweet, with one reader asking, “Can you also report on what all the men in Congress wore this week in any tv appearances?” Another suggested maybe AOC should “just walk around wearing a giant barrel.”

Eventually, Ocasio-Cortez herself chimed in:

She followed up by saying, “Tempted to do a ‘woman on the street’ bit and wait outside the Republican cloak room to ask each GOP Congressman how much their tailored suits cost.”

Of course, somebody was already on that:

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