Capitol Report: Trump again takes credit for the bull market, touts a different kind of MAGA — Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple

Amazon last week officially became only the fourth U.S. company in history to close the trading session with a market capitalization of at least $1 trillion, joining tech behemoths Microsoft, Apple and Google parent Alphabet.

Well, that sounds like the kind of stock-market stat President Donald Trump loves to take credit for — and, once again, he didn’t disappoint.

During an Oval Office press gathering Tuesday where he reportedly announced a bill related to STEM careers for veterans, he held up this sheet of paper:

As you can see, that’s the “Trillion $ Club,” whose initials, Trump proudly pointed out, spell “MAGA,” a reimagining of his “Make America Great Again” rally cry.

Technically it’s Alphabet, not Google, but “MAAA” is less catchy.

“For 144 days, we set a record stock market,” Trump said, according to a press pool report. “It means 401(k)s, it means jobs. Four trillion dollar companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft. You have MAGA. The trillion dollar club.”

Trump has now mentioned the “stock market” in tweets at least 133 times, according to, this being his latest:

As for the stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, +0.00%

closed flat while the S&P 500

SPX, +0.17%

and Nasdaq

COMP, +0.11%

edged higher.


MSFT, -2.26%

led the way in terms of market cap for the MAGA foursome, closing at $1.4 trillion on Tuesday. Apple

AAPL, -0.60%

ended at $1.39 trillion, followed by Amazon

AMZN, +0.79%

at $1.07 trillion and Alphabet

GOOGL, +0.09%

GOOG, +0.01%

at $1.03 trillion.

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