Quanta’s Polarized CBD: Where Plants Meet Quantum Physics

CBD, the short name for cannabidiol, remains a hot topic today in the consumer and investment spaces.  Companies are packing the component of hemp and cannabis touted for its powerful positive benefits into a litany of products, ranging from creams to gummies to medicines to food and beverages and everywhere in between.  Why?  Because consumer demand is soaring and the recent passage of the Farm Bill made hemp-derived CBD completely legal, opening up interstate commerce without fears of prosecution.

CBD, which doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive components that result in the “high” frequently associated with cannabis, has a therapeutic index that goes from alleviating symptoms of hard-to-treat diseases like epilepsy to anti-aging skin properties.

This segment of the so-called “green rush” – used to describe cannabis reform sweeping the planet – could be growing faster than the legal marijuana market.  Owing to increased consumer awareness about CBD’s uses and safety profile and relaxed hemp regulations, industry analysts at the Brightfield Group forecast that the hemp-derived CBD market could swell to $22 billion by 2022 from about $580 million in 2018.

At Quanta, Inc. (OTC: QNTA), scientists are using quantum physics to manipulate and stabilize electron spin in naturally occurring elements, including CBD, to increase performance in the body.  The result is CBD that is “polarized,” which brings with it a bevy of benefits that essentially amplify the properties of CBD in a consistent and repeatable fashion.  This means products using polarized CBD are faster acting with stronger healing power that last longer without making a person tired compared to competitor’s products.

Many companies tout increased “bioavailability,” meaning that the active ingredient in their product reaches its target in a more efficient way.  Others have trumpeted innovation in increasing bioenergy (or bio-activity), increasing the physical energy and effectiveness of any percentage of CBD available. 

Burbank, California-based Quanta takes it a step further, saying that its technology is the first to “increase and sustain” bio-activity in CBD.  The applied science company’s flagship product is a muscle rub, a combination of 13 natural ingredients, including, but not limited to, CBD, arnica, turmeric, ginger and sunflower oil.  Aptly branded as “Quanta CBD Muscle Rub,” the proprietary blend of the ingredients maximizes anti-inflammatory relief and circulation while easing aches and pains in muscles and joints for comfort and overall well-being.

Quanta also sells an ultra-premium CBD vape cartridge containing hemp-derived CBD.

According to Quanta, sales of the premium organic rub are improving dramatically since the initial launch just over five months ago.  The company sells the balm through its ecommerce channels in addition to being available in more than 300 doctor’s offices, 100 pharmacies and over 150 retail shops.

Quanta CEO Eric Rice didn’t provide specifics, but did say earlier this month that the muscle rub has built a loyal customer base that has helped bolster sales 70% month-over-month since launch.

Rice added that they are working on adding more distribution partners, including ongoing discussions with several national fitness centers, hospital networks and pain management centers.  The company is also planning to add more products to the portfolio using its polarization technology, for which it will manufacture its own line of CBD products in-house.  The company made the shift in business model from licensing CBD brands to the more lucrative model of manufacturing its own products subsequent to the passing of the Farm Bill.

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