Social Life Network Steadily Building Portfolio, Strong Team

(FinancialPress) — Starting in the mid-90s when Ken Tapp lead the engineering team at and through their IPO as in 1999, he cut his teeth on how to build and lead a tech company through their early growth stages and on to successful IPO. Now, 23 years in to his tech career as an executive, board member, founder and advisor to dozens of tech start-ups, he’s built an impressive resume of multiple billion-dollar tech companies such as,, Trulia and Zillow, that he’s helped in reaching their full potential.

Tapp is at it again, with his latest endeavor, Social Life Network (WDLF), and this time he’s incorporating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the construction of niche social networks across multiple business verticals that are struggling with harnessing the power of online social communities and E-commerce.

Nearly 6 years ago, Tapp saw the potential of the emerging cannabis and hemp industry when he launched the first of now seven social networking platforms, appropriately dubbed the ”” Social Network, in January 2013. The company has since launched E-commerce social networks in six more niche industries including real estate (an area he is clearly familiar with), and several sports verticals, including hunting and fishing, golf, cycling, tennis and a new international soccer social network launched late in July.

The result has been seven highly trafficked social networks that are available in 12 languages to be accessed in over 120 countries, targeting over 250 million niche industry users worldwide.

When it comes to the real estate industry employing innovative online technology, Tapp muses that it has not advanced as far as it should have over these past 20 years. ”We set out in the late 90’s to empower the residential real estate industry with our and web technology, and though we blazed a new trail into the online frontier, most real estate companies today are just as confused as to which technology they should be embracing to run their companies more efficiently,” said Tapp.

The Social Life Network sports social networks are pushing the AI-based platform even further, by incorporating predictive shopping and socially interactive product algorithms. The idea is to leverage their state-of-the-art social E-commerce technology to tap into the ever-changing dynamics of the way consumers shop online and then help merchants connect and service their online shoppers more efficiently.

AI has become a better tool for its multiple uses in solving online communication breakdown and understanding a consumer’s nuances and interests so that it can lead merchants directly to their potential and existing customers. Social Life Network, as the name implies, targets and builds online niche communities around industries and special interests groups that struggle to fit into social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, because of the enormous amount of white noise and negative undertones.

With over $2 billion spent annually in online advertising and an estimated $4 trillion spent in online sales by 2020, Tapp again has identified multiple lucrative industries to ”Tap” in to, and he has assembled an impressive team to expedite their growth.

While it continues to identify fortune 500 level executives to add to the team, the Denver-based company has recently made several additions to its board of directors. Looking to leaders in semantic intelligence, cannabis and digital media, Kenneth Granville, Leslie Bocskor and Tripp Keber all came on board at the start of the month. At the same time, D. Scott Karnedy, who presently serves as COO of Social Life Network, was added to the board. Like Tapp, Karnedy has an extensive C.V. of success with technology companies, including being the former VP of sales at AOL, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at SiriusXM (SIRI), Chief Revenue Officer at Technicolor Film and Senior VP of Global Sales at

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