PepsiCo CEO Nooyi set to step down

(FinacialPress) —Indra Nooyi is set to step down as CEO of PepsiCo on October 3. She will be vacating her spot as one of the most notorious women to lead a Fortune 500 company.

Nooyi will not leave the company entirely – she is inked as chairwoman for the chair of directors until early 2019. 62-year-old Nooyi‘s vacancy will be filled by Ramon Laguarta, 54, who currently leads global operations for Pepsi (PEP).

The India-born Nooyi led PepsiCo to an 80% rise in sales during her 12-year leadership – making the company one of the most successful ones in the food and beverage sector worldwide. One of the most impactful contributions she made from her position was giving the organization a more environment-friendly profile

The departing CEO has been with the company for the past 24 years. Before stepping up to her current role, she led the company‘s acquisition efforts. A standout deal struck under her direction was that of Quaker Oats in 2001.

Company filings reveal Nooyi earned $31 million in 2017, and $87 million in the past 3 years.

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