Facebook Exodus: High-profile users, companies quit platform

(FinancialPress) — The #DeleteFacebook movement continues to gain traction even after Mark Zuckerberg‘s Senate hearing. Over time, more and more celebrities and notable users are calling it quits on the platform over personal data security concerns.

The latest A-lister to quit Facebook is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He cited the scandal regarding political data firm Cambridge Analytica‘s access of privileged user information to target ads for the Trump presidential campaign in 2017.

Wozniak officially closed his account, joining the ranks of Elon Musk, Will Ferrell, Cher and Jim Carrey among others, in what aims to be a public shaming of the company‘s lax and unethical privacy practices.

Via Twitter, Cher stated as follows (@cher):

‘2day I did something VERY HARD 4 me.Facebook has helped me with my Charity, &there are amazing young Ppl there.I have a special friend (Lauren)who I Respect & Admire,but today I deleted my Facebook account .
I Love My  .
I Believe….There are Things MORE”IMPORTANT”THAN   

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk also closed his company‘s Facebook accounts last month. Playboy heir Cooper Hefner followed his tracks just a few days later. Several companies have stopped running ads on the site, but did not go as far as deleting their accounts. Notable mentions are Mozilla, Sonos and Pep Boys.

“We are stepping away from Facebook.“

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Facebook (FB) has estimated the number of users affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach to be close to 87 million. The data firm bought information collected by a quiz app and used it in bad faith, as users did not give any sort of permission to the company to share it or much less use it for political targeting.
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