Buffet says women have doubled American talent pool

 (FinancialPress) — Berkshire-Hathaway CEO Warren Buffer has a bullish feeling towards women‘s potential involvement in boosting American economy.
The legendary investor feels “very confident“ about the future of women as talent in the US. He believes that females have effectively doubled the talent pool in American.
“I have two sisters that are absolutely smart as I am and better personalities,” he said in a Yahoo! News interview. “And, they were born around my time of 1930. And they were told, ‘Marry early and marry well.’
Buffet‘s sisters received an “unseen message“ when they were growing up, he believes.

“I mean, nobody ever said it that way. So, I have seen half of the United States’ talent basically put off to the side,” he said.

Women may hold the key to boosting economic growth in North America. A Standard & Poor‘s report presents an interesting argument: introducing and promoting more women into the US workforce, especially in STEM fields, could set the foundation for a “substantial growth opportunity“. The opportunity could potentially make the nominal GDP to grow anywhere from 5% to 100% in a matter of decades.

“It’s one of the things that makes me optimistic about America because when I look at what we have accomplished using half our talent for a couple of centuries, and now I think of doubling the talent that is effectively employed or at least as the chance to be it makes me very optimistic about this country,” Buffett said.

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