Former Coors CEO turned cannabis player says “virtually all“ big alcohol companies aiming at MJ sector — Part 2

 (FinancialPress) — Part 2 of the interview given by Torsten Kuenzlen, former CEO of Molson Coors and executive for Coca-Cola who has chosen to incurse into the legal cannabis industry.
Kuenzlen believes “there can be no doubt“ on the prospect of future tie-ups between big alcohol and cannabis companies:
“We know that virtually all alcohol companies are very carefully looking at the cannabis space and looking to partner in some shape or form. Those shapes can be anything from innovation alliances with pharma and nutraceuticals – and all the way to partial ownership.

Today, alcohol companies are buying cannabis companies. We will see a time when cannabis companies start buying alcohol companies. Definitely within the next three to five years“

Regarding legalization in the United States, and if he believes it will happen:

“In my mind, it’s a question of when, not if, federal legalization will come south of the border.

So the opportunities to build great brands, innovation and capabilities north of the border for the day it becomes federally legal in the states is a monster opportunity for Canada.“

On the possibility of expansion to international markets, and a global-level product standardization:

“In terms of building global brands, we believe we can build the Absolut Vodka or Coca-Cola equivalent of cannabis.

When you fast-forward 10 years, consumers will be able to be anywhere in the world, and they will be able to buy a brand that has the consistent experience they expect.“

With the cannabis industry receiving bigger and bigger players into its fold, it‘s up to each investor‘s imagination and research to figure how big the industry can get. Not only that, but to informedly identify which companies are forming the best teams to properly exploit the surge of opportunities that come with the development of a brand-new industrial sector.

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