Mark Cuban: AI “will change everything“

(FinancialPress) — Billionaire investor Mark Cuban recently granted an interview to Real Vision. In it, he gave his insight and advice on several hot topics – such as the rise of AI, and bitcoin.

As he sees it, there‘s no way to beat machines – so you better gear up to keep with the times.

Cuban believes that the changes that will come to the AI sector will “dwarf“ the changes seen in the last 30 years in technology – even the birth of the internet. “I think artificial intelligence is going to change everything, everything, 180 degrees.”

He feels that one of the areas that will be hit the hardest will be real estate: “So, the concept of you calling in to make an appointment to have somebody pick up your car to get your oil changed, right — someone will still drive to get your car, but there’s going to be no people in transacting any of it.”

He‘s currently in the process of absorbing knowledge in areas of interest for the ongoing boom – such as machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, code writing and programming languages like Python.

AI is enjoying a blooming job market that‘s already moving millions in workforce incentives: At the high end, we can’t pay enough to get — so when I talk about, within the artificial intelligence realm, there’s a company in China paying million-dollar bonuses to get the best graduates,“ he said.

He feels that Montreal is currently the “center of the universe for computer vision. It’s not U.S.-based schools that are dominating any longer in those areas,” and that the U.S. is falling badly behind in the area.

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