Uber attempts to appease global regulators after scandals

(FinancialPress) — A group of Uber execs is on the globetrotting endeavor of appeasing regulators regarding the way it conducts its business, reassuring them that it‘s changing after the massive data breach cover-up scandal that hit the newswaves last week.

Brooks Entwistle – Uber‘s newly-appointed chief business officer for Asia Pacific, also revealed that the company is in continuous talks with SoftBank Group Corp of Japan regarding an investment.

Dara Khorowshahi, Uber‘s new CEO, made the reveal public in a blog post. The news triggered governments of countries such as Australia, Mexico, the United States, Britain and the Philippines to investigate the breach and how it was handled in their regions by the company.

Last week, Uber was forced to go public about a 2016 data breach it paid to keep quiet. The breach compromised information of over 57 million customers and almost 600,000 drivers. The ransom for the secret set by the responsible hackers was of $100,000.

The backlash will see how serious the company‘s leadership is about turning the ship away from former CEO Travis Kalanick‘s disruptive, rule-breaking culture.

“We have changed tacks in so many ways in dealing with regulators, dealing with governments,” said Entwistle in an interview that took place in Tokyo, where he is meeting potential business partners and Japanese officials.

 U.S. lawmakers are also being inquisitive regarding the handling of the breach – voicing ther questions on Monday. Republicans Orrin Hatch, John Thune and Bill Cassidy addressed Khosrowshahi in a letter with the purpose of getting answers about the breach and subsequent cover-up, which constitute what they referred to as “a serious incident that merits further scrutiny“. The senators put a deadline for a response of Dec. 11.

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