The end is near: Nvidia to power autonomous AI drones

(FinancialPress)  — While everyone still has their eyes on Augmented Reality (AR), Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) is turning more and more heads, and keeps wowing the market with news of their Artificial intelligence (AI) development. Now, it has announced that they will bring the technology to the world of logistics – and the market‘s responding.

During its GTC China conference, the chipmaker revealed they will be delving into the local logistics market for AI implementation. While “local logistics“ may sound minimalist, simple and downright boring to some, it becomes more exciting once one grasps that this could mean that your pizza actually has to land on your porch now, since it will be arriving via drone.

Early Tuesday trading saw Nvidia stock gain +4.09%, for a value of $174.32.

IN-DEPTH – the details of the announcement peg as their partners in the venture. JD, which manufactures the drones, will be powering them with Nvidia‘s Jetson platform. The Jetson platform will bring low-power but sufficient AI vision to those drones.

Among the various benefits of the partnership, the companies noted that they are working on reducing costs of delivery to rural China. At the moment, JD revealed its drones can travel at an impressive 62 miles per hour while carrying up to 66 pounds of cargo attached. The partnership, which is still at an early stage, has allowed them to maintain those impressive stats while dropping the aforementioned costs by 70%.

“At no time in the history of computing have such exciting developments been happening, and such incredible forces in computing been affecting our future.”

Jensen Huang – CEO, Nvidia

Nvidia also made other reveals during the conference, among which the most notables are the release of its TensorRT 3 software, which will boost preexisting AI systems. It will be applicable for uses such as speeding up autonomous cars, as an example. The CUDA AI programming platform will also be experiencing an update.


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