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  • the-margin:-saudi-social-media-accounts-threaten-to-boycott-amazon-over-allegations-that-crown-prince-‘mbs’-hacked-jeff-bezos’s-phone
    The Margin: Saudi social-media accounts threaten to boycott Amazon over allegations that crown prince ‘MBS’ hacked Jeff Bezos’s phone
    Saudi supporters called for an Amazon boycott on Thursday, angered by the accusations that their crown prince had hacked Jeff Bezos’s phone. U.N....
    The Margin: Trump hits uncharted Twitter territory while reacting to his impeachment trial
    Donald Trump really has become the commander-in-tweet. The president’s @realDonaldTrump account sent a record 142 tweets and retweets during the second day of...
    Key Words: ‘We’re all on a digital detox’: How senators are handling device withdrawal during the Trump impeachment trial
    This is what happens when U.S. senators are left to their own devices, so-to-speak. President Trump’s impeachment trial is officially underway, with senators...
    Outside the Box: Are Amazon and Google ‘evil’ or among the most beloved brands? It depends on whom you ask
    What does a company have to do to be hated? Not the likely question from any chief marketing officer on this planet, but...
    Deep Dive: This money manager says growth stocks are still your best play, and he has the math to back it up
    Some investors are getting cold feet as stocks’ price-to-earnings valuations have risen to historically high levels. But with unprecedented support from the Federal...


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