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FP Exclusives

Supercapacitors To Replace Batteries?

Lomiko Metals Launches New Graphene Supercapacitor Venture -  Reliable energy storage is one of the biggest obstacles for Electric Vehicles and Smart Phones.  With 1 billion mobile phones sold every year – and most of them running ... Read More

Sales of Silver Coins Reach New Record

Kootenay Silver Makes High-Grade Near-Surface Discovery in Mexico -  American Eagle silver coin sales reached 43 million ounces in 2014, an all-time yearly high.  Physical purchases have pushed New York silver futures to 20% gains in the ... Read More

Money Manager Who Predicted 2008 Housing Collapse Says Gold Going to $5,000

EGX Launches Innovative Financing for Elephant Gold Deposit In Ecuador -  Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, told Kitco News last week that “Gold is going to $5,000.”  During a run for the U.S Senate ... Read More

Epilepsy Seizures Drop 50% In Cannabidiol Study

Lexaria Develops Proprietary Cannabidiol Technology - A new study from Orrin Devinsky, MD, of the New York University School of Medicine, suggests that Cannabidiol (CBD) may radically reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy. Dr. Devinsky administered cannabidiol ... Read More

Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Supreme Pharmaceuticals Builds Massive Medical Marijuana Facility in Canada – By Financial Press 3,500 well-dressed investors and entrepreneurs converged last week in Las Vegas in what was the marijuana industry’s biggest event to date by far – ... Read More

Contributed Content

Graphite One Resources Moving at Aggressive Yet Prudent Pace

Graphite One Resources Moving At An Aggressive Yet Prudent Pace By Peter Epstein, CFA – @peterepstein2 I recently read an article entitled, “Graphite One is Dead Money.” The author did a good job of pointing out the ... Read More

Junior Miner Hits 52 Week High on Off-Take Announcement

For years I have highlighted a strategic metal called niobium. See my recent article on the topic by clicking on the following link below: Recently Iamgold sold Niobec, one of the largest niobium mines in North America for ... Read More

Has the Rouble Hit Rock Bottom Yet?

It’s no secret that the rouble has tanked these last two quarters. We’ve seen it plummet from around 34 to the dollar at the start of Q3, to around 54 last week, and only in the last ... Read More

Is Gold and the Junior Miners Ready To Move Higher in 2015?

In a recent article I wrote, “Gold and silver could gap higher by the end of 2014 and the top notch juniors could skyrocket.”  I expected a breakout at $1205.  It appears gold may be breaking that downtrend today. ... Read More

Harris &Harris Group: trading 24% below NAV it’s priced for strikeouts, but home runs are possible

Harris & Harris Group (NASDAQ: TINY) is a publicly traded venture capital fund that builds transformative companies from disruptive science. –that’s the stated objective anyway Let’s face it, venture stage investments are risky, not every swing is ... Read More

Emergence of New Bull Market in Junior Miners After US Dollar Bubble Pops

Despite the junior resource sector being near a major bottom and going through a bear market of epic proportions, I still believe that this may be one of the best times to add to quality positions.  Nothing ... Read More

What’s Causing the Oil Price Collapse?

The headline figure is a significant one; oil has plunged in price by almost a third over the past few months, sparking widespread concern that something needs to be done in order to prop up the market. ... Read More

UK Housing Market Up Over 12%, ONS Reveals

Despite the fact that the UK housing market was predicted to cool down, recent numbers from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that prices across the UK have continued to rise, with the biggest growth coming ... Read More

What Does the Forex Rigging Scandal mean for Honest Traders?

Just like the Libor scandal that engulfed the financial market before, the recent news concerning forex rigging has cast a huge shadow over the foreign exchange. Already a notoriously volatile market environment, the news that six major ... Read More

Kiska Metals: a nickel still goes a long way!

Exploring for precious commodities like gold and copper is a risky business. When you’re right, it’s like winning the lottery. You become a millionaire or billionaire overnight. But when you’re wrong, as 95% or more of exploration ... Read More