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How Shiller is signaling ‘significant upside’ for S&P

  Yale professor Robert Shiller has been one of the many market watchers warning of lofty valuations in assets this summer, but one research firm has detailed how his own economic indicator could actually be signaling a

Big bonuses are coming

  Are you a superstar on the job, exceeding all of your company’s goals? Good news: You’re likely to get a boffo bonus for this year and most likely next year, too. Companies are setting aside a

Should there be a new Buffett rule?

This cries out for a “Write your own caption contest here,” right? The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Paul R. La Monica. Other than Time Warner, the parent of CNNMoney, Abbott Laboratories and

Buffett backs Burger King deal with $3 billion

  Warren Buffett has been a vocal supporter of higher tax rates for the wealthy but when push comes to shove the Oracle is all about the bottom line. As you know yesterday Burger King (BKW) shares

China is ditching Windows and Android

China is developing its own operating system, which will compete with Microsoft Windows and Google Android. China is once again taking a nationalist stance on technology, this time, with its own PC and mobile operating system. The

Bull market still alive? 3 indicators to watch

  Editor’s Note: The following was written by Yahoo Finance Contributor Milanee Kapadia. You can follow her on Twitter @MilaneeKapadia On Friday, the SP 500 (^GSPC) finished at 1,988.40 after fluctuating near an all-time high. Investors were focused

Pressure builds within Fed to signal new policy course

By Jonathan Spicer, Michael Flaherty and Howard Schneider JACKSON HOLE Wyo. (Reuters) – Pressure is building within the Federal Reserve for officials to move as early as next month to more clearly acknowledge improvements in the U.S.

Stocks at new highs; will drop follow?

  Another closing high for the SP 500 (^GSPC) on one of the last weeks of the summer is not what most investors had expected. While low volume is the theme of the late summer, a new

Data hack continues to haunt Target

A Target store in Canada, where Target has struggled to make inroads. Target’s mantra is “Expect more, pay less.” These days, it’s investors and shoppers who are expecting a lot more from the discount retailer. Target(TGT) cut

Dow 6,000: Wild prediction or worthwhile caution?

Much like the markets he predicts, Harry Dent’s track record has had its ups and downs. In the 80s he predicted Japan’s economy would begin to slow. In the 90s he said the Dow would surge to