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Technology Archive

Smaller Mining Companies Hibernate to Survive Industry Downturn

Mine operators shut down projects, cut staff to dodge bankruptcy and ride out slump in metal prices – By Alistair MacDonald   Gold Canyon Resources Inc. has 5.1 million ounces of gold and 26 million ounces of ... Read More

“Operation Weed Be Gone”

  Hilary Bricken posted on March 2, 2015 in Business Basics,Employment and Labor,Federal law and policy,Legal Issues a story titled: “Marijuana Law Myths. Not Everything Changes With Legalization”   In early 2104 she and Harris Law Group ... Read More

The Evolving Technology of Pen Bancorp

Pen Bancorp is open for business wherever its business is allowed.   It now takes in deposits of unwanted shares in banking companies from around the world and issues electronic certificates of interest which will eventually be ... Read More


Subject to regulatory and shareholder approval, Hungarian FinancierGabor S. Acs, is preparing to file documents publicly to aquire a ten percent equity interest in First Quantum Minerals (FM).   Gabor is seeking Outside General Counsel in his ... Read More


“Scarcity” An Excerpt from Freenomics: The Modern Science of Global Economics” by Alex S. Gabor   Copyright © 2015. All World Rights Reserved by the Infinite Freedom Foundations.   This article first appeared as “Notes on the Free Man: Infinite Ideas on Liberty” written ... Read More

Pot Gains Political Power to Prohibit Prohibition

Two congressmen filed two separate House bills last week that together would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana at the federal level, effectively ending the U.S. government’s failed war on the plant. The Reefer Madness is over, now its just a ... Read More

New invention aims to provide convenience and comfort for those living with diabetes

Diabetes   New invention aims to provide convenience and comfort for those living with diabetes – The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) expects the number of people living with diabetes to rise from 387 million in 2014 to ... Read More

Poydras Gaming Finance Poised to Capitalize on Growing Tribal Gaming Industry

Poydras Gaming Adds 600 Slot Machines to Growing Portfolio - By Financial Press According to the 2014 Indian Gaming Industry Report – U.S. Indian gaming facilities, including non-gaming operations, directly and indirectly generated 679,000 jobs and $91 ... Read More

Is ($MCP:NYSE) Molycorp Inc. Really In Play?

Gabor S. Acs is permanently barred from trading in penny stocks by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.   He says the SEC’s Ten Year Old Judgement is based on a false information he claims was ... Read More

Diabetes Spending Doubles in 20 Years

M Pharmaceutical ‘Mosquito’ Automates Conventional Blood Sampling –By Financial Press According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cost of managing diabetes has doubled in the past 20 years. In ... Read More