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Saudis take up defense

Saudi Arabia is a target for both sides in Iraq’s deepening conflict, one reason it has ramped up security levels to confront a threat that’s more immediate than the Arab Spring revolts three years ago. The world’s

How close is the US to energy independence?

It has been more than a year since Citigroup Inc. published “Energy 2020: Independence Day,” outlining the impacts of progress toward North American energy self-sufficiency. For this special 4th of July edition of The Energy Report, we reached

Gold bulls weary

Gold held near a three-month high as investors weighed a weaker dollar against speculation the metal’s advance will spur traders to sell. The dollar was little changed near a seven-week low against a basket of 10 major

Geopolitical tensions placing pressure on gold and silver

The gold price looks set to post its second consecutive quarterly gain later today. It is currently hanging around its two-month high of $1,325.90. Silver is also ready to post its second-quarterly gain but has extended a drop in

How to capitalize on new energy opportunities

With 400 million more people set to get on the grid in India alone, smart investors will profit from new demand for all kinds of energy. In this interview with The Energy Report, Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks of

What iron ore’s plunge means for miners

An extended decline in iron ore, down 30 percent this year to near a two-year low, may limit the scope of potential share buybacks by the world’s biggest mining companies BHP Billiton Ltd. and Rio Tinto Group.

Bolivia bans Bitcoin

The Bolivian government banned Bitcoin in May, CoinDesk announced yesterday: El Banco Central de Bolivia, the central bank of the South American nation, has officially banned any currency or coins not issued or regulated by the government,

Gold exports exhibit robust growth in India

The silver jewelry exports from India remained almost flat year-on-year at $108.59 million (Rs. 644.04 Crore) in May 2014 while its gold jewelry exports surged higher by 26.84% year-on-year to $626.16 million, in accordance with the latest

Gold and silver stocks begin next leg higher

Yes you read that correctly. The miners have begun another leg higher because the evidence strongly supports the view that they have formed a higher low. Only time will tell for sure but the evidence is quite

Strike curbs palladium supply

South Africa’s most costly mine strike ever compounded the longest global production shortfall in 14 years for palladium, just as automakers are set to use record amounts of the precious metal. Output of the commodity used mostly to cut auto