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Green Tech Archive

Seattle Grandmother Makes History With Legal Marijuana

This story has so many hotpoints bu the the simple reason that I’m writing about this today is that she was such a supporter and wanted to show the world that Medical Marijuana helped her through the ... Read More

How To Make Money Growing Strawberries

Affinor Growers Buys Vertical Farming License Vancouver, B.C. – Strawberries are about as popular as oxygen.  It’s hard to locate anyone who doesn’t like them. According to 2013 Monterey County Crop Report released last week, strawberries top ... Read More

Follow Warren Buffet and General Electric Into the Wind Power Space

Green Hygienics Plans to Deliver Significant Wind Power to Energy Strapped Brazil Following Warren Buffet’s recent order for $1 billion worth of wind turbines, comes further validation of the rapid growth of the space and the technology ... Read More

Tesla Battery Plant Announcement Lights Up Graphite Space

Pistol Bay Plans for Production at Portland in Less Than 2 Years VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 10, 2014 (FINANCIAL PRESS) — Tesla Motors sent shock waves through a myriad of different industries as it announced that, along ... Read More

Naturally Splendid – Two Companies in One

NATERA™ Hemp Based Superfoods for the Retail Markets and a Biotech Food Company Marketing Plant Based Omegas  (Financial Press - Feb 7, 2014) – In life, two things you shouldn’t have to worry about: the quality of ... Read More

David & Goliath: How Canada is fighting back against Chinese dominance in the exploding Graphite space

(Financial Press – Oct 30, 2013) – A global race is happening, led by electric vehicles. Li ion batteries used in hybrid electric vehicles (“HEV”), plug in electric vehicles (“PEV”) and all other electric vehicles are making ... Read More

Air Raid: Cavan Ventures Takes to the Skies Over Pair of Canadian Graphite Properties

  On the road to developing its pair of flagship graphite properties, Cavan Ventures [TSX.V: CVN] completed its second airborne survey in a week. Back-to-back campaigns on its CAGE and Buckingham properties returned positive results, and provided ... Read More

Smart Phones, Smart Cars and Smart Investing – The Miller Graphite Mine

(FINANCIAL PRESS – Aug 19, 2013) – Approximately 56% of North Americans are now using Smartphones and Tablets. An enormous market has been created in the last 10 years unlike any we’ve seen in the tech space. ... Read More

Doubling Down: Cavan Ventures’ Two-Prong Graphite and REE Strategy Ramps Up in Quebec

Complimenting its flagship Pythonga rare earth element (or ‘REE’) property, Cavan Ventures [CVN:CA] announced today that it will also be directing attention to its top graphite property, Buckingham. The announcement of a 2nd phase program on Buckingham ... Read More

Lomiko’s Rapid Progress on Graphite Prospect Continues

VANCOUVER, May 29 (Financial Press) – Canada-based graphite exploration company Lomiko Metals (TSX:LMR) is charging ahead in its effort to develop and expand its graphite resource base in Quebec. In the last few weeks the company has ... Read More