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How To Make Money Growing Strawberries

Affinor Growers Buys Vertical Farming License Vancouver, B.C. – Strawberries are about as popular as oxygen.  It’s hard to locate anyone who doesn’t like them. According to 2013 Monterey County Crop Report released last week, strawberries top

Follow Warren Buffet and General Electric Into the Wind Power Space

Green Hygienics Plans to Deliver Significant Wind Power to Energy Strapped Brazil Following Warren Buffet’s recent order for $1 billion worth of wind turbines, comes further validation of the rapid growth of the space and the technology

BMW to Expand U.S. Plant in Push for Lighter, More Fuel-Efficient Cars

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White House embarks on climate change mapping project

NOAA’s real-time nowCoast mapping portal is available on the White House’s Climate Data Initiative. (Credit: NOAA) The White House wants people and communities to be prepared for extreme weather events spurred by climate change, like coastal flooding,

Tesla Battery Plant Announcement Lights Up Graphite Space

Pistol Bay Plans for Production at Portland in Less Than 2 Years VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 10, 2014 (FINANCIAL PRESS) — Tesla Motors sent shock waves through a myriad of different industries as it announced that, along

Rocksteady Studios to complete Batman: Arkham series on next-gen consoles

(Credit: Game Informer) Rocksteady Studios, the development house responsible for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City is deep into production on what it’s calling the finale to the Arkham series. Just announced as a reveal of

Tesla Model S wins ‘best overall’ car by Consumer Reports

Tesla’s Model S sedan. (Credit: Tesla) The story of Tesla is a bit like that of “The Little Engine That Could.” It’s a smaller company, which makes a product different than the rest, that’s been working to

Tesla raising nearly $2B for battery-building ‘gigafactory’

(Credit: Tesla) Tesla is raising up to $1.84 billion dollars to realize its plans of a massive, lithium-ion battery-producing plant — dubbed the “gigafactory” by CEO Elon Musk — that will, among other things, help it more

World’s largest solar thermal plant is on the grid

Construction started on the Ivanpah solar plant in October 2010. (Credit: BrightSource) While the East Coast feels the brunt of yet another winter storm, Southern California’s abundant sunshine is getting put to good use. On Thursday, the

Naturally Splendid – Two Companies in One

NATERA™ Hemp Based Superfoods for the Retail Markets and a Biotech Food Company Marketing Plant Based Omegas  (Financial Press - Feb 7, 2014) – In life, two things you shouldn’t have to worry about: the quality of