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Hemp Fiber Crop Research & Development

With the advent of state laws that overturn a sixty-year ban on hemp agriculture, a new and yet anciently rooted era of farming is on the horizon. The early adopters who are now backed by legislative and

Silex And Terrestrial Energy: 2 Nuclear Innovators

Summary Silex will cut the cost of nuclear fuel, a minor cost of nuclear power. Terrestrial Energy will cut the capital cost of nuclear plants- the major cost of nuclear power. Eighty percent of the cost of

Making the most of climate change?

Those who follow climate change in the news will know that the latest IPCC report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability to climate change does not paint a very rosy picture. It provides abundant evidence that climate change

Food in Community: keeping community groups fed in Totnes

In the market town of Totnes in Devon, a small group of volunteers are redistributing produce that would have otherwise gone to waste, with inspiring results (an article I wrote for the Live Better section on the

The Peak Oil Crisis: Our Harsh Winter Continues

Two weeks ago we discussed the impact that the polar vortex was having on our natural gas supplies and noted that our stocks of natural gas were already 500 billion cubic feet below where they should be

Saudi Arabia: besieged and fearful

The Saudi regime has long been considered a pillar of political stability in the Middle East, a country that commanded respect and prudence from all its neighbors. This is no longer true, and the first ones to

Essential Knowledge for Transition: Financial System and Local Investing

How can the stock market reach new record highs when the economy is still sputtering and the middle class is fading away? What role do our investments play in shaping our world? We will look at how

Climate change: Evidence and Policy

Click on the headline (link) for the full text.Climate Change: Evidence and CausesRoyal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences From the Press Release: The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society, the national

Waltzing in the dark. Will Russia shut off gas supplies to Europe?

With the successful Ukrainian uprising underway, Europe must start thinking about coping strategies if the conflict were to escalate. What would happen if Russia decides to up the ante and retaliate with higher gas prices or even

"Peak is dead" and the future of oil supply

Peak Oil Review Commentary:  Interview with Richard G. Miller   Dr. Richard G. Miller, trained as a geologist, joined BP as a geochemist in 1985. He studied peak oil matters since 1991, when BP asked him the