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Energy Archive

Hard Rock Lithium Mining or Brines? Which is Better and Why

Before launching into a comparison of hard rock lithium mining vs. harvesting lithium brines, it’s important to point out that hard rock mining can be preferable to alternative methods, but usually only where hard rock mining is ... Read More

Cardiff Energy – A Phoenix in the Oil & Gas Sector

On Thursday June 4th, Cardiff Energy’s share price closed at $0.18 on 1.4 million volume. A few weeks earlier shares were trading at $0.07.  This 86% increase has caught the eye of many new investors, and has ... Read More

Developers Poised to Profit from Petronas-led LNG Project

Developers plan residential development in anticipation of next regional real estate boom in north eastern BC Monday, May-25-15 –  Port Edward/Prince Rupert, British Columbia  –  Developers Alture Properties Ltd., and Kerkhoff  Development Ltd., have teamed up on ... Read More

Attractive, Smart, and Relatively Wealthy Oil Operator Seeks Your Attention

Let’s face it, mainstream financial media has trained investors to think shale plays like Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus et al. are the only game in town. Now I’m no T. Boone Pickens, but I know they’re ignoring ... Read More

Lithium Demand Will Grow Faster Than Experts Imagine

 by Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA         May 13, 2015 Twitter: @peterepstein2 & Please consider providing your email for instant updates from THANK YOU! Disclosure:  Please see applicable disclosures here. Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA It all started ... Read More

Lithium Hype, Yes, True? Probably – Don’t Miss This One

Lithium Hype, Yes, True? Probably – Don’t Miss This One In this article I present a bullish thesis on the demand for lithium, but not by naming the usual suspects of batteries & large scale grid storage. ... Read More

10 Compelling Reasons to Buy This Rare Earths Company

Please See Applicable Disclosures Here Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is a development-stage mining company focused on establishing rare metal resources with the potential for near-term production. Ucore’s primary focus is the 100% owned Bokan – Dotson Ridge Rare Earth Elements “REE” property in ... Read More

Off 89%, TAG Oil is a Value Investors Dream Coming True.

Judging by TAG Oil’s stock performance one could easily assume it’s headed toward bankruptcy. Since 2012 shares have crashed from $10.99 to $1 and change. He loves me… he loves me not. Buyers of TAG Oil (TSE: ... Read More

How Are Low Oil Prices Adversely Affecting The US Stock Market?

Low oil prices are advantageous for low-income Americans and are beneficial for companies as well, because it reduces their input costs and allows higher consumer spending. All of this seems great, and make the plummeting oil prices ... Read More

Chat.CEO.CA is CEO.CA on Steroids, Give it try for Efficient, Market Moving Commentary

“ was created to fill a void in connecting dedicated natural resources investors. I want to bring back the water cooler, so buzz can spread about new discoveries, and professionals, geologists, engineers and retail investors alike can discuss ... Read More

3D Seismic, a Safer Way to Bet on Oil?

With oil prices off 50% or so from the $80 to $100 per barrel range, investors are hunting for bargains across the energy sector. Production, pipeline, and service related stocks are obvious choices, but there are hundreds ... Read More

Interview With Industry Expert & Chairman of Azarga Uranium– Alex Molyneux

Interview With Alex Molnyeux, Chairman Of Azarga Uranium And Industry Expert By Peter Epstein, CFA – @peterepstein2 Monday, January 7, 2015  The following interview with Alex Molyneux, Chairman of Toronto main-board listed Azarga Uranium ( / (PWURF) was conducted in the ... Read More

Supercapacitors To Replace Batteries?

Lomiko Metals Launches New Graphene Supercapacitor Venture –  Reliable energy storage is one of the biggest obstacles for Electric Vehicles and Smart Phones.  With 1 billion mobile phones sold every year – and most of them running ... Read More

What’s Causing the Oil Price Collapse?

The headline figure is a significant one; oil has plunged in price by almost a third over the past few months, sparking widespread concern that something needs to be done in order to prop up the market. ... Read More

Drilling Deep to New Depths in Saskatchewan on Highly Prolific Wildcat Oil Reserve

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSXV: SMI) Drilling Deep to New Depths in Saskatchewan on Highly Prolific Wildcat Oil Reserve So if you were looking for wildcat oil play, where would you start? A great place to consider looking ... Read More

Frac-Sand Demand to Increase 300% by 2016

Declan Resources Partners With Opal Energy in Firebag River Property- By Financial Press According to energy analyst Sonny Randhawa, frac sand demand will increase from 28 million tons to 84 million tons by 2016. “As E&P operators ... Read More

Follow Warren Buffet and General Electric Into the Wind Power Space

Green Hygienics Plans to Deliver Significant Wind Power to Energy Strapped Brazil Following Warren Buffet’s recent order for $1 billion worth of wind turbines, comes further validation of the rapid growth of the space and the technology ... Read More

Aldrin Identifies Exceptional Drill Targets at Patterson Lake

(Financial Press – Feb 11, 2014) – Fission Uranium’s (FCU-TSX.V) stock price has increased 220% in the last 9 months based on the results of a uranium drill program that was designed using three levels of technology: 1.) ... Read More

Aldrin Approves Drill Program at Patterson Lake

(Financial Press – January 20, 2014) – Recent merger activity in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin is amplifying investor interest in a uranium basin that is already supplying 20% of the world’s uranium. On December 9, 2013 joint venture ... Read More

Air Raid: Cavan Ventures Takes to the Skies Over Pair of Canadian Graphite Properties

  On the road to developing its pair of flagship graphite properties, Cavan Ventures [TSX.V: CVN] completed its second airborne survey in a week. Back-to-back campaigns on its CAGE and Buckingham properties returned positive results, and provided ... Read More