Andrew Mickey, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Mickey is the Editor-in-Chief and active contributor for the Financial Press and is also currently the Chief Investment Strategist for Q1 Publishing Investment Research.

Mr. Mickey’s extensive experience and foresight have helped Andrew stand out above the crowd. He has been featured on Canada’s Business News Network (BNN), CNBC, Reuters, CNN and dozens more.

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Joel Chury, Senior Editor

G. Joel Chury is a veteran investment columnist for Resource World Magazine and the Editor in Chief of His knowledge of both the mining and oil and gas sectors along with his ability to sift through TSX.V data and press releases makes him one of the best up-and-coming newsletter writers on the web and an active contributor of exclusive content to the Financial Press.

Mr. Chury seamlessly translates technical results geared towards engineers and geologists into a more readable language that’s palatable for investors on the go.

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Alan Ferguson, Journalist

Alan Ferguson is a world-traveled journalist with more than 40 years’ experience at top-level newspapers and magazines in the U.K. and Canada. He has been a war correspondent, a foreign correspondent. As a former special correspondent for London-based WorldLink magazine he has written major essays on the economic and business climate in Germany, Romania, Turkey, Mauritius, Hungary, Poland, Albania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Canada. A former Assistant Managing Editor at The Toronto Star, he covered the first Gulf War and the Balkan wars of the early 90s, including the siege of Sarajevo.

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Scott Humphrey, Contributor

Scott Humphrey is a journalist and contributor with an edgy, sophisticated voice; reporting in depth on social, political, and environmental issues. As a digital marketing professional, Scott works to achieve maximum SEO with effective keyword research and seamless integration across multiple media networks.

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Michael Murphy, Contributor

Michael Murphy is a Freelance Journalist Writer with a degree in Geology from Mesa College, Grand Junction, Colorado. Mr. Murphy has 21 years of experience in writing and editing technical papers, primarily for publication in the Mining and Energy sectors.

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