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Inside Intel’s perceptual computing lab (pictures)

How many fingers am I holding up? Welcome to Intel’s perceptual computing lab, where the chip giant is researching “sensory inputs that make [computers] more human like,” says Intel’s Anil Nanduri. For instance: Current cameras in devices

Khronos finishes WebCL 1.0 to let Web apps tap into GPU

Create shortcuts to your favorite apps on the S5 Find out how to customize Toolbox and access your favorite apps no matter where you are on the device. Article source:

IBM’s new services zero in on fraud, financial crime

IBM has introduced new software and services to help organizations use big data to address financial losses caused by fraud. The Armonk, N.Y.-based firm says that $3.5 trillion is lost every year to fraud and financial crime.

Huawei drops plan for dual Android-Windows Phone device

Huawei’s Ascend W1 Windows phone Sarah Tew/CNET Huawei has reversed course on plans for a handset equipped with both Android and Windows Phone. In a statement sent to FierceWireless on Wednesday, the China-based mobile phone vendor indicated

Microsoft sniffed blogger’s Hotmail account to trace leak

Former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, seen here at the Windows 8 debut in New York in October 2012, appears to have played a crucial role in the discovery of former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo, who is being

Phil Spencer on Xbox One ‘always-on’ debacle: ‘We could have been more clear’

Getty Images SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer, who heads up the company’s video game production arm, reflected on the Xbox One’s controversial always-on policies rolled back last year in an interview with Gamasutra editor

Microsoft revises privacy policy in wake of Hotmail search case

The source code behind Windows RT is among the intellectual property involved in the trade secrets theft case. Microsoft Microsoft promised to toughen policies regarding the company’s potential reading of Hotmail users’ emails, after an outcry over

Google speeds WebP image format, brings animation support to Chrome

Google has built a new version of its WebP software into Chrome to let browsers display its image format 25 percent faster, the company said Friday. The better performance new libwebp 0.4.0 is part of Google’s general

Ex Microsoft staffer arrested for allegedly stealing Win 8 trade secrets

Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft who most recently served as a director of product management in 5nine Software (according to his LinkedIn profile), has been arrested for allegedly stealing Windows-related trade secrets while working

Unity’s new weapon for devs: Porting games to Firefox

Mozilla has teamed up with Unity to run its games on the Web without plugins — but with an add-on. Announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the extension will ship later this year with